The Leather Circle Story

Our beginnings

We had humble beginnings, in the need to provide for our family, we were frantically looking for something that would be able to sustain us and something we were interested in. We saw that potential in some leather we had from a previous business we ran in the past. Putting the leather up on eBay we made our first sale and we ran with it. Hence the Leather Circle Story began…

Launching Leather Circle

Fast forward years into the future and you can see what we have grown Leather Circle into.  A business that is focusing on providing quality products to our customers at fair prices.

Providing knowledge and customer service is our first priority for people who are new to leather. But also we strive to help and keep up with the experienced leather crafter. Launching Leather Circle in May of 2013 was one of our biggest achievements at that time as we could now communicate, offer more services and build a closer relationship with our customers.

You dictate what we stock

At Leather Circle the buyers dictate what we stock. We have had a lot of demand for veg-tanned leathers, so we have been getting them in and try find ways to get them to our customers at the best price. 

If you plan to buy a whole hide of any leather, we can send out samples, so you get a feel of the leather before purchasing; a feature our customers really wanted. Simply give us a message.

Let us take care of your leather needs

 So lastly, won’t you join our family together with the many extremely satisfied customers and let us take care of your leather needs. 

Thanks so much, 

The Leather Circle Family