Natural Rabbit Pelts – Cinnamon Brown/White | Large


Genuine Rabbit Pelts available in cinnamon brown and white, approx 38 cm x 25 cm each (colours will vary in the earth tones from what is pictured) Great addition to many different craft projects including hats, garments, free-trapper products, trim on masks, lining for gloves, collars and cuffs, just to name a few.


Genuine Rabbit Pelts

  • Colour: Cinnamon Brown /White-Off White
  • Size: Large
  • Dimensions: 38 cm  long, 25 cm wide on average (some may be smaller and some larger than average).
  • Temper: Soft
  • The pictures are examples of what you might receive.
  • If you get multiple, we will mix the colours as best as we can.

To preserve their natural look skins are left in their natural colours and are not dyed. This results in beautiful pieces but also means that the fur will have variations between them. Let us know if you have any questions before ordering. Ethically sourced and tanned. They will be a great addition to many different craft projects including clothing, accessories, hats, rugs, blankets and so much more.

Please note that even though we take care to ensure the images match the physical item, the actual colour of the leather may differ slightly depending on your screen and brightness settings.

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