Sienna Pig leather Lining – Pigskin Suede Splits


Economical suede pig leather lining splits,  suede soft feel. Priced for the budget minded.


Pig Leather Lining

  • Colour: Sienna
  • Dimensions: 6 – 8 sq ft
  • Thickness: 0.6 mm
  • Texture: Suede
  • Temper: Soft pliable
  • Process: Chrome tanned
  • Faults: Occasional holes

Suburb pigskin lining leather,  suede, soft feel. Priced for the budget minded. The temper is soft, flexible, with a split/suede texture. Lightweight enough to be sewn with a domestic sewing machine. Very versatile and durable, perfect for lining any craft projects such as  pouches, wallets, shoes, cases etc..

Please note that even though we take care to ensure the images match the physical item, the actual colour of the leather may differ slightly depending on your screen and brightness settings.

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Leather Thickness


Leather Cut

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